Math 503: Applied Algebra I

Professor:  Ben Cox

Course Text:  Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups and Applications.  Audrey Terras, London Mathematical Society Student Texts 43. Cambridge University Press 1999. 

Lecture:    Section 001   (3)     MW  4:00-5:15 Maybank 219.

 This course introduces basic concepts of abstract algebra and its applications.  Topics include sets, relations, functions; introduction to graphs; group theory, LaGrange's theorem, the homomorphism theorems, applications to coding theory and connections with graph theory; Boolean algebra, with applications to combinatorial circuits.

Graduate Mathematics Program Student Learning Outcomes:
Students are expected to display a thorough understanding of the topics covered. In particular, students will be able to

1.    Demonstrate a high level of mastery in Applied Algebra.
These outcomes will be assessed on the final exam.

 I will assign some homework problems as the course
progresses and I will post solutions to most of the exercises on OAKS. 

Prerequisite: MATH 303.

Midterm exams:  Wednesday, February 12,  and Wednesday, March 26.

Final Exam :  The final will on Friday,  April 25  04:00-07:00 P.M. (Maybank 219).

Note:  Make up tests will be given only under extraordinary circumstances.  If you miss an exam, you must obtain a written excuse from the Dean of the Graduate School.

Grading Policy:  There will be two midterms as indicated above.  Each midterm will be worth 20%, the final will be worth 40% and the homework 20%.   The lower bound percentages for the various grades are given below:
Lower Bound

  • Homework assignments
  • Solutions to practice exams and exams
  • Honor Code- Students are advised to read and follow the College of Charleston Honor Code. See 
  • American Disabilities Act- See  employment-manual/section-four-three.php 
  • Attendance Policy- Attendance will be taken the first two weeks of class.

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